Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I shouldn't be blogging right now

Another semester has begun.
I am supposed to be reading some more psychology.
I have already read Physiological Psychology and have yet to read
Social Psych. and Counseling: Strategies and Theories.
What a night, huh?

So, I have to get this out in the open.
I live with a person, whom I hold dear to my heart.
She is a good friend but as of late she has not been there for me, literally.
She is never home and has a basket full of issues.
She is bulimic by all criteria in the DSM IV-TR. (For those who do not know what that is, it is Diagnostic Statistical Manual used to diagnose individuals)
It is frustrating because I care about her and to watch her basically kill herself is torture.
She leaves a mess from her bad habit and I find it difficult to deal with.
This is my drama but how can I "fix" it or help her...or better yet, help myself deal?

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