Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well....Here goes

So I have never thought about blogging....until now. I was bored and thought " If I blog, I might be less bored."....hence the title of this blog.
Do you ever sit home and watch TV because you have absolutely nothing better to do? You sit on your couch, or in my case a comfy chair, watch "Steel Magnolias" on the WE channel and surf the net waiting for someone to text or call. If you are thinking you are going to tell me that you have never done this it an adaptation of it, you are a big fat liar. I actually quite enjoy it...sometimes.
So this is to you, the lazy couch potato trying to pass time.
Enjoy the revelry of laziness!!!


  1. We are lazy today! Just got out of the shower and don't know what I want to do today. Need to do laundry and dishes, but have to wait until the other occupants of my house shower also!

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Some days I post 2-3 times, then I don't post for a few days.

    Love ya!
    ~Cathy, JustJaynes

  2. Not lazy today but I have my days! I'm gonna plan one just as soon as I get a chance at the Army Wives Second Season on DVD. Hubby watch out!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to blogosphere!